For Clients

Through Odeal, you can hire the people you want to long or short term projects. We pay the salary and handle all legal employer responsibilities.

Agree Directly with the People Working for You

You can pick your hire as you wish, Odeal acts as a salary payer between you and the person. You can directly agree the work assignments, payment and payment terms with the person working for you.

Salary and Expenses with One Simple Invoice

Pay all salary expenses with one invoice – We take care of the responsibilities.

No Legal Employer Responsibilities

As a contracting party, you are not encumbered with the regular legal responsibilities of an employer. With one invoice all payroll, pension and yearly filing expenses are handled by Us.

A Risk-Free Way to Hire

Pay all the employees payroll expenses with one invoice and avoid any legal employer responsibilities.

Suitable for numerous scenarios

Our services can be used by companies and individuals alike, and it works perfectly with just single work assignments as well as long term projects.


As a fee you can agree on an hourly basis, a fixed price or a commission. In addition to that you can also agree that work related expenses, travel expenses and supplies are included in the invoice. You can estimate the suitable invoice amount with our salary calculator.

Pay just for the job done

Light entrepreneurs are insured with a 1 000 000 euro liability insurance and the paid invoice is a tax-deductable expense for the company. Private clients can apply for a Tax credit for household expenses according to the guidelines of the Tax Administration.

Accident insurance

Beginning from 2017 individuals working through an invoicing service, such as ours, are not covered by a mandatory accident insurance, however Odeal has taken it upon to itself to cover that by having a voluntary accident insurance in place for its light entrepreneurs.

Is Light Entrepreneurship the Best Choice For Me?

In its essence, light entrepreneurship is self-emplyoment at its easiest and a great way to compete in the job market. As a light entrepreneur you can focus on what matters, and that is doing what you love best. You do not need to form your own company nor do you have to handle any bureaucracy. 

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