Our pricing is highly competitive and rewarding – the more you use our services, the less you pay for them 

Always Affordable

As our client you’ll only pay for our services when a salary is paid to you – sending invoices is free. Our pricing is simple, we charge 2-5 % from the invoiced VAT free amount – our service fee is subject to a 24% VAT.

The more you have accumulated invoicing through us, the less you pay. Our minimum however stands at 15€ excl. VAT (18.60€ incl. VAT).

Our service fee covers:

Invoicing and Collections Services  

All invoices are sent to your clients every business day as long as we receive it before 3pm and it is without discrepancies. In the event your client does not pay, our collections services are rendered free of charge for you.

Payroll Service 

Our service fee is always charged in conjunction with salary payment to you. We also offer an InstaSalary service that allows for paying your salary on the same day you send an invoice!

Customer Service

We advise our users through phone and email free of charge. Advisory services are also rendered in ODEAL’s premises. On request, we can provide an employment certificate or a pay certificate. You can easily request for them in our internet portal.

*subject to Terms and Conditions

Our Service Fee

Users new to our service start with a 5% service fee. After accumulating 60 000 euros of invoicing through our services (excl. VAT) the service fee decreases to 4% and by 1% after that in intervals of 60 000 euros reaching its limit of 2%. Our minimum service fee however is 15.00€ (18.60€ incl. VAT). The accumulated invoicing does not reset yearly, rather it accumulates indefinitely. 

Our service fee for new users is 5% + VAT 24%
(accumulated invoicing below 60 000 euros)


Does registering to the service cost?

Registering as a light entrepreneur with our services is always free. We charge a service fee only in conjuction with paying a salary. Our service fee is the only fee we charge for the use of our services and is 2-5% depending on the accumulated invoicing through our services. Registering with our services is without any commitment on your part.

When are salaries paid?

As a general rule we calculate and pay your salary during the same day that we receive payment of an invoice You sent. We can defer the payment of your salary to a later date if you have chosen so during the creation of the invoice. You can also combine smaller invoices to a larger batch.

How much will I receive of the invoiced amount?

You will receive a gross salary of 89-97% of the VAT free invoiced amount. The percentage depends on the accident insurance rate which differs between industries. You can estimate the expected salary with our salary calculator.

What does compensation of work-related costs mean?

If the salary you are paid is a maximum of 300 euros or 279 euros within 4 calendar weeks, the amount of salary your receive does not affect the amount of your daily allowance. If the amount is larger however, the income is to be renconciliated with your Unemployment Benefit.

Can I receive a salary advance?

We cannot give a salary advance per say, however you do have the option of receiving salary on the day of invoicing by opting for our InstaSalary service. 

Is using our services more cost-efficient than running Your own business?

This question entails a lot as there is no specific formula or method that would give a foolproof answer. You could however compare being a light entrepreneur to starting your own business.

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