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Bookkeeping takes time

If the work you’ve done incurs material or travel expenses, you can save time and effort by sending them directly to us.



Take a clear photo of your receipt and send it to us. The expenses are reimbursed in conjuction with your salary payout.

We’re here to help

Be in touch with us if you’e uncertain whether your expenses are reimbursable. More about reimbursable expenses can be found here

Not sure if your expenses are reimbursable?

Check our FAQ or send us an email at [email protected]. Alternatively you can contact us through WhatsApp or by calling us at 0800 04848.

Our customer services is open 09:00 – 17:00

Our WhatsApp answers at 050 590 1549

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*the following is just an estimate, consult with our professionals to get the definitive numbers (the accident insurance rate varies between industries). 

Our minimum fee is 15 €.

Salary calculator

Invoiced amount excl. VAT 1000
Your personal income tax % 15
Travel and other expenses 0

Estimated salary paid: 737,00 €

Received an invoice from us?

ODEAL invoices on behalf of thousands of light entrepreneurs from different industries in Finland. Private persons can invoice through ODEAL without establishing their own firm – this the status light entrepreneur.

ODEAL also cooperates with companies that utilize light entrepreneurs in their business. We can offer better benefits to light entrepreneurs that collectively invoice the same company.

Easier payroll management

Utilizing ODEAL’s invoicing platform makes life for companies and entrepreneurs easier. Using ODEAL’s services is best for projects, contracting and consulting.

The companys management overhead, payroll expenses, risks and overall worktime decreases. If your company is not yet benefiting from utilizing light entrepreneurship you should definitely be in touch!