Light entrepreneurship as a more lucrative option for the contractor through our contract pricing

  • With company specific pricing, light entrepreneurs can invoice your company at a lower cost.

  • You will get all invoice from the same invoicing company  

  • We handle all employer obligations from insurance to Valtti-cards

  • For short or long-term projects

Odeal is one of Finland’s oldest invoicing services for light entrepreneurs. We have over a thousand active users! All you have to do is agree on the price and terms – we will take care of the rest!

How do I apply for a contract price?

You can reach our sales by phone, through email or by WhatsApp. You can also leave an inquiry with the form provided here. Our sales team will assist you in any and all matters related to light entrepreneurs. You can reach us from Monday till Friday between 9am and 5pm.

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Making your day-to-day easier

Flexibility to labour requirements


Utilizing light entrepreneurship brings flexibility to workforce management. In contracting, seasonal and project work, with the help of light entrepreneurship, you control the intermittent fluctuation of the need for labour. Our light entrepreneurs are insured and we take care of all the obligations of the employer. Our service also includes liability insurance up to 1,000,000€, which covers any damage caused by the worker.

We’ll handle for you









Invoicing options from the Company’s POV

1. Light Entrepreneurs submit their invoice data

Light entrepreneurs create invoices through our invoicing service. You will receive a separate invoice from each biller. Alternatively, we can also compile a single invoice for the company being billed based on the invoicing of all relevant light entrepreneurs.

2. The company submits the payroll

We receive billing information for light entrepreneurs from the company being billed. We compile one invoice for the company to be invoiced. Upon receipt of payment, we pay the workers salaries.

3. Tailored invoicing solutions

We tailor the necessary invoicing services to suit your needs.

Still have questions?

Our sales department will assist you in any and all questions related to light entrepreneurship. You can reach us from Monday till Friday between 9am and 5pm.

You can also ask questions in WhatsApp 24/7. We will reply to the during office hours.

Call or send WhatsApp messages to our sales number.40 195 1059.