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Joining us is easy. Register with us, fill in your information and send us your latest tax card. 

You can start invoicing and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Member benefits



0-60 000 €

New users start with a 5% service fee up until 60.000 euros of invoicing has accumulated.


60 000 € +

The service fee drops to 4% when 60.000 euros of invoicing has accumulated.


120 000 € +

The service fee drops to 3% when 120.000 euros of invoicing has accumulated.


200 000 € +

The service fee drops to 2% when 200.000 euros of invoicing has accumulated and remains there.

Always affordable

Users new to our service start with a 5% service fee.

After accumulating 60 000 euros of invoicing through our services (excl. VAT) the service fee decreases to 4% and by 1% after that in intervals of 60 000 euros reaching its limit of 2%.

Our minimum service fee however is 15.00€. The accumulated invoicing does not reset yearly, rather it accumulates indefinitely.

In a nutshell

Invoicing and Collections Services  

All invoices are sent to your clients every business day as long as we receive it before 3pm and it is without discrepancies. In the event your client does not pay, our collections services are rendered free of charge for you.

Payroll Service 

Our service fee is always charged in conjunction with salary payment to you. We also offer an InstaSalary service that allows for paying yoursalary on the same day you send an invoice!

Customer Service

We advise our users through phone and email free of charge. Advisory services are also rendered in ODEAL’s premises. On request, we can provide an employment certificate or a pay certificate. You can easily request for them in our internet portal.

Who’s with us?

Registering as a light entrepreneur is always free of charge.

Registering as a user of our services is without any commitment on your part.

Joining is easy

Join today

Joining us is easy. Register with us, fill in your information and send us your latest tax card.

You can start invoicing and we’ll take care of the rest.


Who’s with us?

Our services are used by people from all walks of life. From freelancers to people working on the side for some extra income.

Companies also use our services and are actively looking for hard-working freelancers like you!

Why did they join?

We are a professional, reputable invoicing and accounting firm that will surely make an impression on your clients.

Every light entrepreneur is an individual and we cater to that idea with the best personal service we can provide.


“Your service is great, far better than any I’ve used before. Thank you for such great co-operation and from the POV of a light entrepreneur, your customer service is diamond! Everything is handled with great precision and professionality.”

– Jani

“Invoicing with you has always succeeded well, there’s nothing to complain about. I’ve always received the help I’ve needed.”

– Ari

“ODEAL has always provided me with quick answers and help with light entrepreneurship”

– Sanna

Get started risk-free


By availing our services, you don’t have to carry any of the risks associated to opening and running your own business.


Not sure if your business idea will fly? First of all we encourage you to register in any case so that you’re ready when the day comes that you have to send your first invoice.

And don’t worry, even if you fail at getting any clients (fingers crossed!) we will be sorry to see you go but won’t charge any fees or hidden termination costs.

Let’s get you off the ground!

Get paid on time


In some unfortunate cases your client might be running a bit late on their payments, or even defaulting completely.

We track your incoming payments almost in real-time and send reminders without any effort from your part.


Our invoice reminding and collections services are free-of-charge to you!

How great is that?

Rest insured


+ All our users enjoy a 1.000.000 euro liability insurance* when performing work for their clients.

+ We have also taken it upon ourselves to provide a voluntary accident insurance** in case of anything happens to you while at work.

* insurance terms & conditions apply

** the insurance payment is a percentual deduction in conjuction with salary payouts and varies between industries. You can get more information from our customer services

At no extra cost

The only insurance you might need is a YEL-insurance when your yearly income as an entrepreneur exceeds a certain amount. Contact our customer services for more information.

Questions about insurances?

Check our FAQ or drop us a line on WhatsApp, through email or by calling us – we’re here for you from 09:00 to 17:00

By email at [email protected]

Or call us at 0800 0 4848

(Our WhatsApp is 050 590 1549)

Need to process cash or card payments?

Can do!

Do you sell your products with cash? Not a problem to us! We’ve partnered with iZettle to provide POS systems.

Here’s how it works

When you want to process payments through iZettle as an ODEAL light entrepreneur, simply order your iZettle device from your local sales and contact us. We’ll take care of the rest.

iZettle is easy!

Accepting cash payments is easy – check out this video and see for yourself!